2014-06-22 11.12.19 Are we all post-modernists? It is hard to figure out just what constitutes the being of a ‘post-modernist,’ particularly given the infrequency of such a phrase to describe a person rather than a time period, way of thinking, or theoretical disposition. And the claim that all of us are these people, these people of a specific time period with specific dispositions, is as hefty as it is ambiguous, and yet strangely inviting and perhaps even liberating. Spray painted to the outer metal walls of a construction site on the way to Hongdae Station, this call to arms of sorts stopped me dead in my tracks. Not only was it incredibly peculiar to see the word ‘post-modernist’ in such a context–one that could easily be post-modern itself–but also it invited me to think: what would it mean if I were a post-modernist? And, quite frankly, what ever happened to the modernist? I was with my Korean friend when I snapped this picture, and it was difficult explaining just what it meant, what ‘post-modern’ is let alone why it would be spray painted next to a series of spray painted stencils of a Transformer with the word “transform” pasted above and below each picture. It makes me think, and for that reason–and not necessarily the claim itself that we are all, in fact, post-modernists–it serves as the framework for this blog and as the picture on my business cards.


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